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Abu Dhabi Country Club Women's Tournament

Published on the 25 May 2012 à 14:25

The Olympique Lyonnais Women's U19 squad will take part in the Abu Dhabi Country Club Women's International Football Tournament.

After a long night's travel, the Lyon delegation, comprising nine players, arrived in Abu Dhabi at 10:30am to take part in the Abu Dhabi Country Club International Tournament for Women.

This competition, which serves as a dress rehearsal for the Ramadan Cup (July 2012), brings together six teams in a mini-championship based on Futsal rules. Matches are played five v five on an artificial grass surface are feature two 20-minute halves, in an airconditioned indoor stadium (40+ degrees Celsius outside!).

For this first day in Abu Dhabi is dedicated to recovery, siesta and a light training session at 18:00 local time. Competition starts tomorrow at 21:00.

Abu Dhabi Country Club Women's International Football Tournament:

Abu Dhabi Country Club ( 2 teams)
Amman Club (JORDAN)
Haringey Borouth FC (ENGLAND)
Ferencvaros FC (HUNGARY)

Olympique Lyonnais:
Peyraud - Magnin - Motlet - Pion - Matondo - Traore - Majri - Perisset - Pingeon - Gandit.
Coaching Staff: Frédéric Strapazzon, Toru Ota.

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