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3 questions to Etienne Didot

Published on the 03 November 2006 à 12:09 by SR avec S Buron

Rennes midfielder Etienne Didot answers questions about Saturday’s game which pits his side against the champions Lyon. In his opinion, the Brittany team has to play above themselves to do battle with OL…

The match against Lyon promises to be a tough test…
That’s for sure. Everyone knows how good Lyon are. We really have to concentrate on our own game and try as hard as we can so that we’re not left thinking ‘if only…’
There aren’t many teams that can cause Lyon too many problems. You always have to try and play above yourself when you take on Lyon. Every single player has to be at 150% and really stick together to hope to get something from the game, but we are capable of doing that! We all want to do exactly that. We didn’t get the point we wanted in Paris. Now we’re playing at home and we’ll do everything we can to get those points back this Saturday.

What can you be sure about before going into this match?
We’ve been playing well the last few weeks. Against Auxerre we played really well. Against Nice – who are never easy to play against – we got the points, even if it wasn’t spectacular. And our second half against PSG should have seen us earn at least one point. We’re not doing as badly as some think and we’re looking to continue our good form and keep improving this weekend.
Rennes plays good football against teams that play good football. Lyon are one of those teams.
Lyon don’t worry about who they’re playing. This team always thinks about how they are going to play and that’s why they are so strong. Everyone knows Lyon. It’s now up to us to concentrate on our game as much as we can.

Against Lyon, don’t you start by hoping not to lose?
We don’t think like that. We desperately want to win this match. Their results are impressive. A good team is a winning team and Lyon win all the time. They are consistent and a racking up the victories.
Any weaknesses? We’re trying not to worry about Lyon. We know they are a complete side. We have to concentrate on our own game. We are going to have to play to the maximum of our ability if we are going to get anything out of this match.

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