first team / OL - Montpellier D -1

A gift before the festivities...

Published on the 22 December 2009 à 19:02 by R.B

Against Montpellier, let us hope that OL can finish 2009 on a high note…

It has been a long time, in fact since 2000, that OL have won nothing over the course of the year. It has also been a long time since the results and the quality of play have brought about so many negative comments. It has been a long time since the supporters have whistled the team at Gerland, have shown their disappointment and their desire for change. So, it would be a good idea to end the year on a high note before moving into a new year full, we wish, of hope.


To do so, Cris and his team-mates have to beat the Montpellier side of René Girard in style. A « lavish » gift, a gift that the supporters could also offer before the match by showing their unconditional support. A support that would grow over the course of the match watching the great scenario of the encounter unfold. Is this desire for an ideal world so utopian?


After the passion and the deep cold on Sunday night against Monaco, the seven times French champions are at home to Montpellier, the third promoted side of the season; the one that is in the best form, as they have the same number of points … as OL. Montpellier, however, come into the game on the back of two defeats in a row at home without having scored a single goal. At full strength, they can cause problems to Lloris and his partners with their mix of experience and youth.


If it seems impossible for the Lyon squad to change completely in the space of a few hours, they can at least play beyond themselves during the final 90 minutes of the year. They are capable of doing so. So you guys, don’t hesitate offering us a great present in a lovely packaging! Will Claude Puel go with two strikers? Will Toulalan be in the starting line-up? These practical questions could influence the gameplay and the result. In case of success, Lyon could find themselves once again on the podium. Unable to take the honorary title of Autumn Champions, this would still be a little consolation.