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A Rennes player criticises refs

Published on the 02 November 2006 à 20:20

President, what do you think of the recent comments made by young Rennes striker Sylvain Marveaux?
I don't know what he said. Who is Julien Marvaux?

He's a young Rennes forward who has played eight games this season...
And what di he say?

He believes the referees are favouring OL and that it's "easier to award a penalty for OL than for another team." What do you think?
He's young so he lacks experience. I think he needs to learn how to control his nerves before a game as important as Saturday's. To criticise the referees and attack OL isn't a sign of confidence. For his information I should probably remind him that OL has only received one penalty this season and it didn't effect the outcome of the game (Janot saved Juninho's spot kick against Saint-Etienne) while Rennes have received three penalties. I find his comment malicious, and classic from a young player.