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A victory for ALL

Published on the 18 October 2010 à 10:30 by R.B

Lyon showed great spirit in order to defeat Lille...If Lloris and Lisandro were the principal instigators of the three point haul, it would be too simplistic not to dig's Match retour....

"The power belongs to them ...." Such is the opinion of the Regis Testelin in L’Equpe after OL’s victory in Lyon. The Olympian players would be the masters of the game with the power hooked to their studs. Certainly...but it is perhaps too easy to think that this only depends on the goodwill of those, sometimes whimsical in the image of spoiled kids, players.

As president Jean-Michel Aulas had said before the game talking about the future analysis of EVERYONE on the evening of the match against PSG, we can also deduce that these three points are also three points for EVERYONE. Of the supporters, the players through the manager, the staff, the President ... A victory of the great Olympian family united as desired by Jean-Michel Aulas who has not hesitated in recent weeks "to put in more effort than usual".

It would be unfair to reduce to the sole immense merit of Lloris, Lisandro and others this third win in a row. Unfair not to recognize that the work, the solid constitution of a manager attacked on all sides, did not have an impact in the preparation of the match, in the behavior of his men. Why do not we say that other coaches have nothing to do with victories especially after individual feats? Why not “stupidly” blame Rudi Garcia for the first two goals conceded by his team? OL certainly suffered against a very good Lille side, but what spirit, what tenacity ... this tenacity so dear to Claude Puel. The Olympians never wanted to give up, erasing all the imperfections, all the hardships. Esprit de corps in the form of a happiness to be alive, such as was seen during the week.

The road is still long to get back to the best possible situation, but OL are giving tangible signs of progress, a little like as was announced somewhat in August and September, to allow time for all the reasons that we know. It is striking, too, that realism and luck have come back over the course of the last three matches.

Even if a certain number of “Puel resign!” chants were heard at the end of the match, fans were worthy of this important encounter. They fought alongside their players enjoying the efforts to resist after applauding the goals or good attempts.

The victory was embellished by the performance of the opponents despite their two blunders for the first two goals they conceded. The “Dogues” played an important role in this beautiful evening in which the referee certainly played a role in the disfavour of the visitors.

The victory of ALL in the first cold of autumn that made us want to quickly return to Gerland to witness other episodes of a season that has already seen much talk. Decidedly, football is rarely a long, quiet river...

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