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Alain Perrin’s press conference

Published on the 30 November 2007 à 16:24 by BV

Alain Perrin discussed Tuesday’s match against Barcelona as well as the visit of Strasbourg this Sunday.

Mentally, the draw against Barcelona was a positive thing…
More than the draw, it’s the context and the content of the match, which included a lot of quality, that were interesting. Our game was on par with Barcelona’s. It was a huge match for us defensively, where we showed a lot of quality. The draw gives us a chance to play for qualification against Glasgow, a match we’ll have to prepare well for through our upcoming L1 matches. Now we have to concentrate on the league, which is our through line. We’re lucky that our match was pushed back to Sunday, it gives us another day to recover.

Will you use the upcoming league matches top prepare certain aspects of your match against Glasgow?
Yes. We saw against Barcelona what we’re capable of but also we need to improve. League matches are a bit like dress rehearsals. But the goal shouldn’t be simply to improve the quality of our game, but also to maintain the spirit and confidence we’ve gained from our victories. There is no better preparation for a final than winning the matches leading up to it.

How do you re-focus and get back your league duties after a Champions League match against Barcelona?
You just remind the players of the importance of every match and the fact that we’ll be playing next at Gerland. We have to stay on our positive run in the league. We’re coming off an away win that we need to consolidate as it came after a home defeat. We lost our last match at Gerland, which should put us on the alert. Strasbourg was capable of beating Lille 3-0 so we know they’re a side that can counter an opponent, a side that will play without regard for OL’s league standing.

What do you make of this Strasbourg outfit?
They’re capable of winning on the road, they’ve had a good start to the season and they’ll be looking to make ht most of our fatigue after playing Barcelona, especially on the counter. Jean-Marc Furlan likes to get his team playing good football and going forward, and he has fast players who’ll be looking to make the most of the space they find.

We saw Grégory Coupet playing in a training match. What kind of shape is he in?
That was his first time in goals with the gloves on. He’s just getting back into full training, he’ll need a lot more than a training match to get back on the team sheet.

Rémy Vercoutre put in a great performance against Barça. That must be reassuring for the matches to come…
I know that Rémy (Vercoutre) is capable of that. I knew it before. He’s on a roll now, whereas before he was lacking match time. Now that he’s playing game after game, he’s starting to reach his potential.
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