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Alain Perrin's press conference

Published on the 20 December 2007 à 13:20 by R.B

It was Alain Perrin's last pre-match press conference for the year… discussing Nancy, of course… as well as the transfer market

How is this trip to Nancy shaping up?
"It's an important match. Our last two results in the league haven't been good. Now we're going to see whether we can get the job done. This match won't be easy; Nancy is a strong side. We know they'll be motivated. Kim, Dia, Hadji… are all strong players. The team defends well, so we'll have to resolve the problems in our game. But the result will also depend on our drive and determination. Against Caen, we didn't want it enough, and against Nice, we couldn't. So we need to be willing and able. There is no question of early holidays for us. That starts after the match. I'll be looking for the players to do their jobs and to give that little bit extra. A draw isn't in our plans. Matches played just before the break are always a bit special and I know OL hasn't won such a game for several seasons…"

The week's training?
"The staff have got the players working hard in terms of the rhythm and content of the sessions. Beyond that, it's the players' own responsibility. OL can win anywhere if the desire is there. Could the transfer market disturb the squad? Our current starting XI aren't concerned by the coming transfer window. And even those who are concerned are looking to win a place in the starting side. Let's not forget that Juninho is suspended. When he's not there it also disturbs our attacking play."

"He won't be in the squad. In order to play, being physically fit isn't enough on its own. You need the mentality as well, and for a while that hasn't been the case. The transfer market? My wish would be to change nothing. Then we'll see. The departure of Loïc Rémy in linked to that of Baros and of Fred. In waiting for Cris to return, Bodmer can cover his position if necessary."

A word on the impending Champions League draw ?
"Let's wait. We have no preferences, even though it might seem that Porto and Sevilla are the least threatening of the teams. Anyway, there will also be the circumstances of the moment."

A wish for 2008?

"To make the supporters happy, that means everything. Apart from that, I hope we're spared any more bad injuries. Our objectives? You know them, they haven't changed. The title, of course, and going as far as possible in all the cups. Maybe we could even pull off a double."
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