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And what if History did not repeat itself?

Published on the 16 November 2010 à 10:15 by R.B

After falling behind over the course of the first 7 matches, OL have been able to change their fortunes...But, beware, in the last three seasons OL have had a torrid time before this famous winter break...

And what if history did not repeat itself? This recent history that has repeatedly plunged OL, since the 2007-2008 season, into a depressing end to the year in the league. OL have indeed struggled to round of the first phase of matches as of Week 14...

In 2007-2008, Lyon had 31 points on the evening of Week 13, finishing on 39 at Christmas, for 2 successes, 2 draws and 2 defeats. However, they were still “champions” of the autumn. Lyon, who had to battle hard to qualify for the last 16 of the Champions League.

In 2008-2009, the partners of Juninho had 30 points before taking their winter break with 38 points and the title “champions” of the autumn.

Finally in 2009-2010, Cris and his teammates broke all records! They went from 25 points to 30... (taking into account the match against Boulogne which had been postponed) ... without the honorific title of the autumn this time around.

OL therefore have an exploit to pull off in the last 6 league matches of 2010. Continue to seriously reposition themselves in the table and increase their capital of points. In the knowledge that they will meet with 3 teams currently ranked ahead of them (Montpellier 21 points, PSG 20 and OM 19), two teams who are only one point behind (AJA and TFC) and finally a squad deep in the relegation zone (Lens). The Olympians are well positioned to secure their ticket to the last 16 in Europe. If they managed this on the evening of the match at Schalke 04, it could have a positive impact on the last 5 games of the L1 with two "summit" matches against PSG and OM.