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Published on the 12 December 2010 à 09:30 by OT

One month after their victory over Montpellier (1-0), Lyon's women are up against Rodez in the league.

In these times of postponed matches, OL women were looking forward to the return to competition. Remaining leaders of the D1 if successful, despite the cancellation of trips to Yzeure Allier and Paris, Patrice Lair’s players offset the lack of matches with intensive training: "We have worked well physically in preparation for the second part of the season. Now we must think about playing football, getting started may be complicated against Rodez" said the Lyon coach. For Laura Georges, it will be important to find the taste of victory this Sunday at 14:00: "We have three games before the break, it is up to us to win in order to retain first place in the championship".

Opposite them, the newly promoted Rodez have made a decent start to the season with a respectable 6th place, and 4 wins in 10 games. OL had won 3-0 in the Aveyron in a pre-season game this summer, and therefore already knows a little about their opponents. There will be a reunion for the young Kenza Dali, trained in Lyon and movng to Rodez in the offseason, and for Sabrina Viguier a native of the Aveyron. On the other hand, Isabell Herlovsen will not participate in the encounter. The Norwegian striker would appear to be leavbing the club, even though nothing is official yet.