first team / OL - Nice D -2

Be realistic in both penalty areas

Published on the 12 November 2010 à 14:54

Hugo Lloris spoke to the press this morning. He evoked the Sunday's match against Nice, set pieces as well as the bonuses of the players from the French national team.

How do you feel about facing Nice, the club from which you came through the ranks?
It's always nice to play against your former club, even if we have to put feelings aside. It's an important game for OL, a game with three key points, three points are very important for the rest of the championship. Nice have made some solid performances away from home, either at Lille or Paris. Nice have sufficient assets to counter us. It will be a game to go into with a great deal of concentration and discipline. We have to put in a good performance and be realistic in both boxes. We want to put in a great match on Sunday which would be good for confidence and for the rest of the championship. We had a good week of training during which we could rest and get back down to work. It is no secret, you have to go through it.

How do you explain the difficulties of OL from set pieces?
Set pieces, it's simple: it's a lot of concentration and discipline. We have been lacking that in recent times. We are aware of that, that it is important. When you play every three days, you do not have much time to work on it. We have had a week of training, during which we could work on our fundamentals. We must now demonstrate it on the field. But we must not forget that we have the best record of all teams over the last month. We have straightened things up, we must continue the momentum to reach the winter break with a big enough number of points to keep our objectives attainable.

There is much talk now of bonuses owed to players of the France team after the World Cup. What is your position?
There was a misunderstanding. It's a shame because we did not need that right now. The situation is quite clear: in regards to our performances in the World Cup, we did not deserve anything. It would be interesting to remit those bonuses to charity, whether by us or by the federation, is not the most important. But we have not changed our minds. We were offered a paper in which we were asked to refuse bonuses 2009-2010 season, as far as we were concerned, it was mainly those of the World Cup. Everyone agrees. Now, we must avoid controversy. What is important is our performances on the field and the match against England.