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Bravo Gerland

Published on the 13 December 2010 à 18:55

Applause throughout the ground for Bafé GOMIS during the game and when he came off, to salute his determination and efficiency.

Applause from the Jean Bouin and Jean Jaures stands as well as the Virage Sud for Jean II MAKOUN, in response to the deployment of a banner in the Virage Nord, but also to salute his investment and the quality of his performance.

Congratulations to the Lyon supporters who recognized the qualities and behavior of their players, notably Bafé GOMIS and Jean II MAKOUN, and congratulations to both players who have confirmed their character in spite of a climate for too long against them.

Unity is one of the essential ingredients for a successful club. The OL supporters, who got behind all of their players yesterday, once again have shown the truth in this.

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