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Bruno Genesio : 'We have so much individual attacking talent..."

Published on the 26 November 2017 à 16:50 by SC

The Lyon coach and his players took turns at the OLTV mic to share their thoughts on their resounding win away to Nice.

Bruno Genesio

"I'm happy with the win and the way we earned it. Playing Nice was in intimidating prospect because they have plenty of quality despite their position on the ladder. We answered the call and played a very well throughout the match. We have our rhythm going that gives us the confidence to take risks and pull things off. I should also emphasise the strong team spirit of the players. We have so much individual attacking talent that we can score at any given moment. I also loved the discipline and desire of my players in winning the ball back."

Anthony Lopes

"Our not being beaten in any competition so far this season is something to be proud of. It's also a nice reward for Joël Bats, who's made another mark in the record books. We had it firmly in mind not to concede and to carry on our run. We controlled the match very well. We were able to hold steady at the start of the second half when they put some pressure on us."

Lucas Tousart

"We did the job from start to finish. We knew that we'd have a lot of chances on the break. We're very pleased with the result and the way we played. It wasn't the same Nice as last season. They didn't manage to play their game. We were able to hit them where it hurt... I've played in almost every match this year. It's nice to breathe a bit. We've tried to manage my playing time so that it's as regular as possible."