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Bruno Genesio's reaction

Published on the 30 January 2016 à 22:00 by SC

OLTV got the reaction from the OL boss after the loss in Bastia.

Bruno Genesio

I have the feeling that I'm saying the same thing after every match. We only really played one half tonight, and that's not enough to get a win on the road. It's a bitter pill. We need to be effective in both penalty areas, and we're just not at the moment. We paid the price, and deservedly so. We tried to add a bit of impact going forward by bringing Grenier on at the break to find the gaps. We did that quite well, creating quite a few chances, but we failed to open the scoring and then our concentration lapsed and Bastia scored. We knew that this match was a golden opportunity to make up some ground on Monaco. It was a pivotal match. We're all very disappointed.

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