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Bruno Genesio's reaction

Published on the 03 April 2016 à 22:57 by SC

The Lyon coach gave his thoughts to OLTV after OL's win in FC Lorient.

Bruno Genesio

Darder took a knock to the knee. He felt a bit of pain and we didn't want to take any risks, so we took him off… It's never easy to win after going behind away from home but this was a deserved win for us. We were patient and we controlled the game. We exploited the spaces towards the end of the match. Synthetic pitches remain completely unsuited to high-level football. We still have a ways to go. There are other teams fighting it out with us, we mustn't forget that. Monaco still have a lead. We need to continue with this attitude and with this quality. We need to stay humble and then we'll see whether we're rewarded. We've been building in confidence over the last three months. We're starting to play our game away from home. We're all very happy."

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