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Published on the 18 December 2016 à 22:57 by SC

The Lyon coach and his players stopped to talk with OLTV and give their analysis of the match against AS Monaco.

Bruno Genesio
"We played a really good match. We must congratulate the players. We were defensively solid while being creative. You need to stay level headed and calm in a very tense match. Monaco is a team that's used to setting the tempo. We therefore managed to unsettle them and proof our experience. It's huge progress. It's a good weekend points-wise. There's still a match to go before the break. We will enjoy the trip then prepare for tomorrow... We had to adapt after Gonalons' injury but there's some quality in the squad. We don't know exactly what injury he has, but we'll find out tomorrow."

Anthony Lopes
"My first two saves at the start of the game were tough. You have to judge the timing. I knew that Monaco would pounce on the slightest opportunity, we worked on it this weekend... We were very tight defensively, thanks in large part to the forwards. This is a team victory. We need to stay focused. We took good advantage of our numerical superiority, even though I think we could have scored one or two more."

Jérémy Morel
"The coach asked us to defend solidly together. We could have taken our foot off sooner, but the main thing is that we're not far off the leaders. We need to keep a cool head and continue to play. This performance bodes well for the next match."

Mathieu Valbuena
"We put in a huge performance tonight against a very good opponent. All of our players did well. We were all conscious of the need to make amends for our elimination at the hands of Guingamp. We showed a really good mindset and weren't afraid of playing. We played our own game. We held the fort defensively. We saw a victorious OL and this bodes well for the next match. There's a huge game against Angers coming up. We need to win that to improve on this victory... I'm happy with my form. I've always believed in my ability. I work hard to play well."

Lucas Tousart
"There was a lot of good tackling, commitment and instensity. We needed to answer the call and answer it we did. It's therefore an unsurprising win. In the second half, we had to work harder. But we played a really good match. We struck a decent blow this evening. And we needn't stop there. We need to play a good match against  Angers on Wednesday."

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