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Bruno Genesio : « Valbuena, Ghezzal and Rybus may be ready in time to face Lille»

Published on the 10 November 2016 à 12:56 by SC

A few minutes after the day's training session, Bruno Genesio arrived in the press room to talk about what's happening during this international break.


"Everyone's getting back to fitness. Jallet and Valbuena trained this morning, as did Perrin. Christophe will need to get back to training with the team and to get up to speed. Mathieu has a chance at playing in the next match. Rachid Ghezzal has to pass further fitness tests. The situation's not as dire as expected. He and Rybus may play against Lille... Lacazette and Tolisso were rested today. Mammana had to get a passport for his newborn baby."

The international break

"This is an interesting break because we still have most of our players here. It gives us the chance to work on things that we don't normally get time for when we play every three days. We want to look at where we went wrong against Bastia: how we  showed our inexperience and how we didn't take advantage of our numerical superiority. Also, this break lets me speak more easily with certain players."

The match against Bastia

"The players also feel that they wasted the second half, that they didn't do enough to kill off the match. They're well aware of that. We need to find some solutions soon because this isn't the first time there has been laxity after half-time. I understand the Bastia coach's remarks. You can get annoyed after a match. I know that full well. But it wasn't us who turned things sour; we're not responsible for the referee's decisions. There were other games where decisions didn't go our way. I don't know whether we've broken even, I don't keep count."

Rachid Ghezzal's contract extension

"He's still part of the team. He is responsible for his own choices and actions. This issue hasn't changed his attitude. I'd be sorry to see him go. It'd be a shame for a player who grew up with the club, who's been through tough times and who has the president's support. He has to decide."

A few minutes before this press conference, the players donned their boots for the day's training; a session watched exclusively by MyOL members. In the cold and wet, Bruno Genesio's men worked on basics and split up into groups before getting into some ball work. The Lyon players then spent a good half-hour in a half-pitch match with miniature goals on one side. Isaac Hemans and Alan Dzabana took part in the training session to make up the squad numbers reduced on account of the international fixtures.

Up the road, Mathieu Valbuena and Christophe Jallet were on the pitch at the Groupama OL Training Centre. Along with Gaëtan Perrin, they trained with the physios. Mathieu Valbuena, who suffered a shoulder dislocation against Guingamp on 22 October, is progressing well with his rehabilitation and could resume normal team training very soon.