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Published on the 20 December 2016 à 14:40 by SC

Bruno Genesio spoke to the media on Friday morning, two days before the Week 18 Ligue 1 clash against Monaco.

Fitness news

"Mathieu (Valbuena) is doing well but I'd prefer to let him rest before Monaco. Corentin (Tolisso) is an uncertainty for Sunday. He's not out, just an uncertainty, so it's not safe to play him."

Sunday's match against Monaco

"We need to prepare well to defend and to be able to pose them some problems in winning the ball. We prepare for all of our matches as well as we can. There are some things we can do to deal with their play."

AS Monaco's form

"They're an impressive side but we're not scared. When you play football, you have to have self-belief and humility. They're a squad in good form, but we have the ability to pose them problems. They're sure to be out for revenge for the match last year (OL won 6-1). But we're not going there just to cop a hiding."

Leonardo Jardim

"What makes me laugh is that we're always drawing conclusions about coaches. Last year, we said Jardim would be a defensive coach. But, like all of us, he has adapted to the players in his squad. Today, he has a very competitive team. He has managed to use his squad well and that's a credit to him."

The top three

"In the event of a victory on Sunday, we will be very close to Monaco. There are still twenty matches to play in the league, therefore this is not our last chance. We will have many opportunities after this match. But a win would do our confidence good. We've lost only once in our last ten matches. Against Guingamp on Wednesday, we saw some interesting things. In particular, the strength of character to come back from behind twice, even if we're disappointed to be eliminated. The players are open-eyed about their performances but there's a tendency towards grimness when the result doesn't turn out how we expected. There are some positive things to take away from the game against EA Guingamp."

The 31-point target

"In the event of a win, we will have a different view of the first part of our season. We could finish this first phase with 35 points in Ligue 1, and that would be satisfying from a points perspective. On the other hand, we have reason to be dissatisfied with our play, particularly at home."

Mathieu Valbuena's return to form

"His injury and the time off that followed have done him good. He knew how to use that time and refresh himself, physically and mentally. He is sufficiently strong minded to focus on what's most important: football. His recent performances are very encouraging. He was definitely upset that he missed his penalty, like Nabil. But that's the way things go."

Nabil Fekir

"I really enjoyed his performance and his commitment after the ball was lost but also when we were in possession. We need to give him time; he's making progress and is headed in the right direction. This is good news despite the huge disappoinment of being eliminated."

Mouctar Diakhaby

"He is making progress in terms of his professionalism. He has huge athletic potential, good technique in playing out of defence and has a strong build. He needs to accept making errors from time to time because he's still a young player who needs to pay attention, be open to advice and apply himself. He should be spoken to as often as possible, with instructions repeated both on and off the field in order to get everything into his head. He could become the same style of player as Samuel (Umtiti). He should draw inspiration from Sam, particularly in terms of preparation and a winning mentality. Sam has to be an example for him, we have to be there to guide him."

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