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Claude Puel : "We have a good squad, we'll prove it"

Published on the 04 December 2009 à 14:46 by BV

You spent a lot of time speaking to the players before training on Tuesday. Did you feel it was necessary …

It wasn’t aa dressing down, on the contrary. It was a meeting that was very objective about our performances so that we can get back to work and redefine the basis of our play in order to progress, because what is important, is our play. We were albe to work with the full squad this week. We had two sessions to get our feeling back, tactically notably. The last time that we were able to do that was in October. It was important as much physically as psychologically. We were all over the place during the winter break and it really hurt us. We messed up against Grenoble and that made us fragile. It was important to work on our play and not on the « what wil they say ». The objective was to focus on us. We have to be mature enough to analyse what we are lacking and not think about anything else. We mustn’t be too pessimistic. We have to be sure of ourselves.

OL have conceded a lot of goals recently. Does that worry you?

It’s part of everything. We have to get back into the form we showed in August and September. We need to be coherent, spontaneous, we need to take the initiative, start playing like we know how. We have frequently shownn what we can do, but also what we need to correct. The match, is the outcome of what we have prepared for and concentrated on. After the international break, we weren’t in good form. The majority of our opponents were not sollicited during the break, whereas we had 13 players on international duty. We then had trouble getting everyone refocused, that is what we have to work on.

What do you think about the forthcoming month of December?

It looks really good. It is a month that all competitiors dream about. We are right in the middle of the battle. We are going to be up against quality sides. We have a first place in the Champions League gropu to insure. We can’t wait. We know that Lille have a great side. I thought they were outsiders at the start of the competition. They get forward very quickly, they are solid and generous. It’s a good match to get nback to business in. The points will be the result of what we put into our play.

What do you think about the progression of your recruits?

We started the season well and during November lost track a little. Every club has moments like that, you have to try and get through them as best you can. It’s not just about the recruits but the whole squad. There was too much difference in the performances made by the players. We’re optimistic because we know we have good players, a good squad. We will prove it.

What about the two former Lille players, Makoun and Bastos?

I don’t like to make individual analysis. Jean put in a good last month. Michel has been less good since his injury. He was in pain each time he shot, and is even now. It stopped him playing freely. I’m happy with both players, just like I’m happy with my players in general.

Will you be reinforcing the defensive secter during the transfer window?

Not for the moment, but things can change.