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Claude Puel's press conference

Published on the 10 December 2010 à 13:27 by R.B

A look at the injury situation...the defensive problems...the current run...such were the questions answered....

"Gourcuff is continuing his preparation. We'll see if he can return for the trip to Marseille. This will be done according to his feelings. Clinically, there is no counter indication. Will the forthcoming winter break be good for him? There may be both positive and negative aspects. If he is in the group for the trip to Marseille, we'll see what kind of shape he is in. As far as Ederson is concerned, he left for Brazil today. He will be with the group for the training camp in Morocco where he will be given specific work. Apart from that everyone is ready for the visit of Toulouse, even if Briand has been treating an ingrown toenail. Delgado? I do not yet know if he will be in the group. We'll see after training on Saturday. "

"Let us not forget that the defence is part of the team. Against teams that play on the counter attack or have a big defensive block, we must stay focused when we have and when we don’t have the ball. This transition is important. After that, it's true that against Hapoël we had 3 or 4 difficult situations to handle that should not happen. And we should have avoided the two goals we conceded. We talked, we worked to promote the recovery of bearings, the assimilation of basic things to handle certain situations. We also did a lot of video work. Responses must be collective. Individually, I agree that there are different levels of fitness. But we no longer concede goals from set pieces in offensive and defensive phases as was the case early in the season. Recruit a defender during the winter transfer window? No. I have faith. We will solve our little problems".

"He needs to improve tactically, but he must also keep his game which is to move forward, break through, cross. He will correct his faults. Let us not forget that he has frequently been injured. He must pick up the thread, find his bearings".

"We must always be effective against all teams. We have used up a lot of jokers early on in the season. We must progress with every game. Against Toulouse, the objective is the same, to take the points in order to stay in contact with the top of the table before the trip to Marseille. It would be great to arrive at the Stade Vélodrome level with OM".

"After what's happening now with Bafé (Gomis) and Jean II (Makoun), I have great hope (smiles) ... I believe in it.

"We loaned him out so he could gain playing experience. He will have the opportunity before the end of the season. He has to strengthen his game within a squad where he must seize his chance. We will analyse things later on..."

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