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Corentin Tolisso: 'Apply Wednesday's lessons to Ligue 1'

Published on the 09 December 2016 à 11:53 by SC

The midfielder was in the press room at the Groupama OL Training Center a few minutes after the day's training session.

Has the team come to terms with Wednesday's disappointment?

"We're still thinking about it a bit but we need to move on to other things. We're out of the Champions League. We achieved more than we did last season. We now need to keep our focus on the league. We played some good matches against Juventus and Sevilla. We showed some real quality and we need to apply that in other competitions. If we reproduce those types of performances in Ligue 1, we'll be winning matches. We need to keep the same factors in place... We showed that we could've qualified. It's very frustrating. We wouldn't have been out of place in the round of 16."

The Europa League objective

"We are a quality squad and we have the resources to play matches in quick succession. We've played in this competition before. We're used to playing Thursdays and Sundays and we've shown good form in the Europa League in the past. It's going to be a long season with a lot of comeptitions to play in. We have the squad depth to play on every stage and to go a long way in the Europa League. We're fighters. The Europa League isn't to be dismissed, it's a big European competition and we shouldn't underestimate its significance. There are some really good teams in it."

Gourcuff's return to Lyon with Rennes

"I think he'll be highly motivated. But so will we. Yoann is a very good player, even though he had some tough years here. He has played some great matches. It will be a tough game against Rennes. They're a good side who are ahead of us on the table. We'll need to be up to the task, especially physically."

Points deficit

"There is still a huge number of rounds to go. We managed to climb back up last season. We still hope to make the top three at the end of the season. The writing's not on the wall. As long as there's hope, we'll give our all... If there were a draw between Nice and Paris, that would be a good result. But we still have to win."

Your recent form

"This season, I've played some better matches in the Champions League than I did last season. Also, my outlook has changed. I want to play in this competition every year. I did my absolute best playing with OL last season. This is my objective right at the moment... I'm comfortable in the 4-3-3, it allows me to play higher up the pitch and attack more."

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