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Corine Franco on DDD

Published on the 19 December 2012 à 09:00 by OT

The OL Women and France right-back is the special guest on OLTV's Dr'OL de Dam' on Wednesday at 20:00 CET.

She's the heroine of the month! On November 25, in the final of the World Club Cup, Corine Franco pulled off a superb touch followed by a left-footed shot. Ten minutes from time, 'Cocotte' banged home the equaliser that kept OL in the match by levelling the scores against Japanese side Kobe. After that, Sonia Bompastor's extra-time penalty clinched yet another title for the invincible OL Women...

However, Corine Franco was on the bench as the match kicked off but, in a style typical for the defender who has had to fight it out for a place in the team after a cruciate ligament injury in October 2010, she rose to the occasion. The OL Women and France right-back is the special guest on OLTV's Dr'OL de Dam' on Wednesday at 20:00 CET. "With Corine, things were pretty tough at the beginning," explained coach Patrice Lair. "She got injured just after I arrived. I think she struggled a bit to understand how I worked. I got to know her, and she got to know me. I asked her to be more consistent, because when she's at her best, she really is the best player in her position in France."

At 29 years of age,the France international is at a turning point in her career. With her contract coming to term at the end of the season, Corine Franco is still hesitant about extending her adventure with OL: "I had a meeting with the directors, and I also spoke with Partice. For the moment, I haven't re-signed. Things are very good here and we win a lot of titles. Still, there is a temptation to change things up and have a different kind of experience. It's a tough choice to make."

In the final episode of Dr'OL de DAM for the year, the pretty blonde speaks openly about her dream of retaining the Champions League title and winning a trophy with France. Also in this edition, the 'Mag' looks at OL's epic tournament in Japan, 'Zoom' looks at the news and Sonia Bompastor and Camille Abily commentate the 'Top Goals'.