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Cris: "To Madrid for victory"

Published on the 19 November 2006 à 13:17 by BV

Cris discusses the win over Sedan. Two days before the "finale" of the Champions League Group E against Real Madrid, the Brazilian confirmed Lyon’s desire to win. Loyal to this mentality, they are heading to Madrid "for victory."

Cris, a little word on the win against Sedan?
It was a really tough game. For our goal, I didn’t touch the ball. It wasn’t me that scored, even if I was involved.

With the win against Sedan, you got your 15th straight win before a Champions League match. How important is it to win this type of match?
It’s always a good thing because it proves that the team is going well. To win gives us confidence before we head to Madrid. Now we can concentrate 100 per cent on playing Real.

What type of match are you expecting?
A tough game, but also a great game. It will be a completely different game to the first leg. Real are currently going very well. Perhaps they’ll be out for revenge because we’ve beaten them twice now as well as getting a draw over there. On Tuesday they’ll be ready, but so are we. We’re going there for victory because that’s the way we play. We’ve got a lot of respect for this team, but we’re still going for the three points.

What do you make of Real’s attackers?
Ruud Van Nistelrooy is a very dangerous attacker, good in the air and he knows his way around the penalty box. We’ll have to watch him because he can change a game by himself. Ronaldo is missing… for the fourth time. It’s a shame because I would like to play against him. Who’s better? They are both very, very good. They have different qualities but both are hard to mark.
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