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D -5: The Germans are Queen's of the moment

Published on the 15 May 2010 à 08:30 by OT

With Turbine Potsdam their opponents in the final of the Champions League, OL's female players will once again be up against the German style of play.

OL’s players still remember their sole official match against a German club. In the semi-final of the European Cup last season, OL came up against the future winners of the competition Duisburg. With a solid block, strict organization and technique Inka Grings and her team-mates eliminated without question OL (1-1, 3-1). This offered a fifth title of European club champions out of eight to Germany.

For Lyon’s French internationals, the nightmare continued into the Euro in Finland. In the group stage, Germany defeated the French 5-1 before taking their seventh title out of ten editions. Sarah Bouhaddi, Laura Georges, Louisa Nécib, Elodie Thomis and Sandrine Brétigny were all involved. The Norwegians Ingvild Stensland and Isabell Herlovsen also lost in the group stage 4-0 then 3-1 in the semi-final against the impressive Mannschaft. No less than five players from Turbine Potsdam were part of the German squad which won the title of European Champions last summer: Babett Peter, Bianca Schmidt, Jennifer Zitz, Fatmire Bajramaj and Anja Mittag.

Germany also dominates world female football with victories in the last two World Cup competitions in 2003 and 2007. The OL players Katia and Simone know all about this, they were in the Brazilian team beaten 2-0 during the last final. Their opponents making their names that day Anja Mittag and Fatmire Bajramaj today lead the Potsdam forward line…

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