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Dynamo Kiev press conference

Published on the 31 October 2006 à 17:47 by SR

Before starting the traditional pre-match press conference, Dynamo coach Anatoli Demianenko began with an update on his current squad situation…

Any injuries?
The was more concern than any real damage for Mikhalik and he is available for the match. Two other players have remained behind in the Ukraine to continue their personalised training (Vaschuk and Rincon).

What are your objctives for this match?
The players that are here want to give their absolute best against one of Europe’s best clubs. Our aim now is to compete in the UEFA Cup after our three remaining Champions League games.

How is your team’s spirit?
Our team is giving off a real force, a fighting spirit that has been born over course of the season. Today we have a much better chance of playing well against Lyon. The team spirit is good because everyone loves playing in this competition. The players are preparing for this match to defend the honour of Dynamo and to show the true value of this club.
We have to give our very best, we have to fight to show that we’re not about to give up.

What do you expect from your players?
Nothing compares to good fortune that these players have to be able to play in a match like this one. I often tell my players to make the most of these moments, that they focus on what they’re here to do so that they don’t regret anything later. I expect then to really fight. Juninho, for example, is an extraordinary player, but w have more than enough quality to be able to battle with Lyon.

[IMG41512#R] Sergei Rebrov

What is your aim for this match?
Lyon have almost already qualified for the last 16 while Dynamo still hasn’t qualified for the UEFA Cup. That is a mental boostfor the Lyon players, while we still have a big fight on our hands to get what we need.

Why are you struggling so much in the Champions League?
I don’t think we’ve created enough problems for our opponents in the Champions League. But the biggest roblem is the difference in quality between our domestic league and European competition. Dynamo doesn’t have many opponents of its own level in the Ukraine, so when we play in the Champions League, we’re not always ready. What do you need to fix?
10 of the 12 goals we’ve conceded in the Champions League have bee of our own making. We simply aren’t up to the same standard of other countries competitions and for that, there is no miracle solution.
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