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Enough is enough!

Published on the 28 October 2006 à 15:00

To pick apart the results of a professional football, one must analyse everything and that is the job of professional journalists. Olympique Lyonnais, according to an article published on Eurosport's website, have been aided in obtaining their results by the referees... No sir.

For prove, one need look no further that Bamogo's goal for Marseille against Lyon, scored from an of-side position. At no point did the Lyon players contest this decision, they remained concentrated and focused on the task at hand. At the same time, we can only applaud the referee's intentions to support attacking football.

Against PSG. Rémy Vercoutre could have been sent off, but he could also have left the field on a stretcher with several broken ribs because RODRIGUEZ was charging in at full speed towards the Lyon 'keeper.
Don't forget that the rules depend on the interpretation of the referee, as Mr. Bré (the man in charge of this match) correctly pointed out.
Don't forget either, dear sir, that the referee could also have sent off the same Rodriguez after already receiving a yellow card early in the match. Indeed, the Uruguayan escaped unpunished depite tackling Cris with two leadingboots. Fortunately, the Brazilian defender had the reflexes to lift his legs out of the way of a challenge that coul have left him nursing a broken leg.
Certainly there are mistakes, but one must concede that over the course of a season, these errors even themselves out.
Sir, the current domination of the league by Olympique Lyonnais frustrates you, but it remains all in fair-play. It is considered fair game to knock the leader where perhaps it would be better to applaud them.