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Garde: 'Everyone's available'

Published on the 02 December 2011 à 13:45 by R.B

Olympique Lyonnais coach Rémi Garde is delighted to have a full-strength squad to choose from as he answered questions from the press about this weekend's opponents Toulouse and the top three...

Rémi do you finally have a full squad to choose from?
"Yes, apart from Rémy Vercoutre, Yannis Tafer and Anthony Lopes, everyone is available. It's a good thing. It's a positive scenario that creates a very positive dynamic."

How do you explain the quality of OL's play deteriorating in recent weeks?
"We made less defensive effort and to attack well, you have to defend well, otherwise there's no balance. Control in your play comes from being organised in defence and in attack. There were also many other factors that we've spoken about and that we tried to fix against the AJA. We have to keep going."

With the full-strength squad, is this the start of a new season, if you like?
"No. I hope this current situation will continue for as long as possible. No more excuses? There are never any excuses and I don't think I've been hiding behind excuses so far this campaign."

What do you think about this TFC side?
"They concede very few goals and don't score many either. But they're still moving in the right direction. It will be a very tough game. They sit back and defend deep and hit on the counterattack with some very skilful players. We need to be solid defensively, and creative. A defensive match? Not from our point of view."


Are the TFC a rival for a top three finish?
"At the moment, yes... This is a very important game for us in terms of the points and the league ladder. It's a chance for us to take three points from a direct rival. We took confidence from the Auxerre game, we showed we can play disciplined tactical football. Every game is different. TFC will certainly be tougher than Auxerre. We're in no position to get carried away before the game.".

How would describe a successful end to the year?
"To be in the top three, or thereabouts. Go undefeated? Every team wants to do that..."

Do you count on Yoann Gourcuff?
"Of course I count on him. At the end of the day, I think about Yoann the same as any other player. Nobody is guaranteed a place in the team. I try and be objective. Yoann can play a role in several formations. It doesn't depend on the opponent, but rather us."

How is Gomis?
"He's available. Nobody is in the squad for a holiday. He has worked very well this week."

What do you think about the returns of Bastos and Lisandro?
"I'm not surprised by what they did against Auxerre. I wasn't surprised that they scored goals. They had both worked hard to come back in good form. Against Auxerre, they worked hard for the team. They brought a lot to the attack, while also keeping a balance for the team."

As opposed to the PSG coach, do you feel secure in your current position?
"I don't feel comfortable. I'm ambitious. I have goals to reach. I'm not completely satisfied with the results. We need to keep improving..."

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