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Geoffrey Jourdren: "A match for us to refind the virtues which made us strong"

Published on the 04 December 2010 à 08:00 by BV

Soundly beaten by Marseille last week-end (4-0), Montpellier are counting on the visit of OL to kickstart their season again, as their goalkeeper explains to us.

Montpellier led the Ligue 1 for 24 hours (after their victory over Nice 0-1, Week 14). How did you feel during those 24 hours?
Nothing at all because our goal is to build on that. It's nice to be in the top spots, but we are not focused on the league table. Every weekend, there are three points to be taken, we only play for that. As soon as you take some, you get to the top of the table, but we are looking to reach 42 points, then we'll see if we can play for something else.

Hearing you talk about avoiding relegation, when you are currently sixth, when you finished last season in 5th place, seems surprising...
What I am saying is true: our main objective is to stay up. Last season, we were euphoric, everything worked fine. This season is a bit more complicated. In addition, the championship is very tight, it just takes two consecutive poor performances to fall back into line. We are not part of the top teams. It is quite by accident that we are at the top of the rankings.

You come into the match on the back of a heavy defeat in Marseille (4-0). Has this been digested?
Yes, especially since it was severe. It was a night without. We will not throw everything in the air. When this happens, they are losses which are easier. We have a big game ahead of us against OL, a tenor of the championship. It's a good game to regain the virtues that made us strong. OL have had a tough start to the season, but we have found the real Lyon over the last few matches. They remain a great team, we know that the great teams always wake up at some point.

Montpellier have the 18th best attack in the Ligue 1. Is your attack the main weakness of your team?
We aren’t too good in that area but it is compensated by our defensive solidity. As long as we take three points, we are satisfied. Concerning our offensive problems, we are working hard to sort them out, we know that it will pay sooner or later, and why not on Saturday against OL.

What do you think of Hugo Lloris?
He's a very, very good goalkeeper. We just have to congratulate him and hope he continues to make our nation happy with his performances. I admire what he does.


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