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Goal distribution

Published on the 13 November 2007 à 17:05 by R.B

OL has scored 41 goals and conceded 24 since the start of the season… but in which 15 minutes?

Goals scored:
4 in the first 15 minutes; 5 in the second; 10 in the third; 7 in the fourth; 3 in the fifth and 10 in the sixth.

Goals conceded :
4 in the first 15 minutes; 6 in the second; 3 in the third; 5 in the fourth; 2 in the fifth and 5 in the sixth.

The fifth quarter hour has the lowest goal tallies in both senses; scored and conceded.

OL has scored 10 buts in the final quarter hour of each half. That’s 49% of their total goal tally!