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Govou: "It won’t be easy"

Published on the 08 November 2006 à 15:11 by BV

Happy at benefiting from two days rest after the defeat to Rennes, Sidney Govou discusses OL’s first loss of the season, the upcoming game against Valenciennes, the absence of Fred and Les Bleus…

How is the team after the Rennes loss?
Alright. We had two days off and then four or five days to work and prepare for this game against Valenciennes. We can prepare much better for matches when we’ve got a full week at our disposal. Above all we needed to recuperate and change our mindset. Now, as the coach often says: “A great team never loses twice in a row.” We know what we have to do.

Will that loss take a bit of pressure off?
No. We’ll always have pressure before a match. It was just a match we lost because we didn’t perform well enough in the first half. Over the whole of the match, I think we deserved to come back.

What do you put the defeat down to?
Not much: a poor half of football, a couple of individual errors for the goal. We were also up against a very good goalkeeper who made a number of saves. Nothing much has changed in our heads. Recently, we’ve been ‘scraping’ by. We haven’t been starting games as well as we could so that defeat should give everyone the little kick in the backside to get everyone back on track. Perhaps it will be a positive thing because now we can approach the matches differently.

Valenciennes have only earned one point on the road so far. Is there a danger that you’ll think it’s a bit too easy?
No, I’m not worried about that. It’s not in our nature to take matches lightly. Every match is tough. We know there won’t be an easy game from here until the end of the season. We’re going to have to work hard to win anything because every team wants to take us down. Between the games we see on video and the way the team actually plays against us, there is usually a huge difference. I hope we’ll be solid this Friday because it’s a game we absolutely have to win.

We imagine you must be getting impatient to score with Lyon, because you haven’t so far this season...
True. I am getting a little impatient. But I tell myself that if I keep working the chances will come my way and I’ll put them away.

Has that taken the shine off your start to the season?
A little bit, yes, in terms of the statistics. But in terms of my morale, there’s no problem. I’m still working well at training and in the games I’m giving it everything. There’s no reason why it won’t happen soon.

[IMG40624#R]At the start of the season, Lyon was scoring a lot of goals. What do you put down the recent scoring trouble to?
For the last two or three games, we’ve been struggling with the final ball. That’s nothing to get alarmed about. You can’t be at your peak all the way through the season.

Is the attack missing Fred?
Fred is a good player, a great striker and our top scorer. Of course we miss him, but a great club like OL needs to be able to cover the absence of players. We’ve seen that when John (Carew) and Karim (Benzema) have come in, they’ve’ both scored and won us games.

How do you react to recent comments made by your president?
Certain people have the impression that Lyon is being favoured across the board – that’s simply not the case. I think it’s his role to defend us, and he does it well. We happy to have a president that defends us.

Tomorrow will see a new France squad announced. What are your ambitions for the national team?
I hope to go as far as possible in the France team, so I’ll be waiting to hear the squad. My two goals against Italy offer me no guarantees. I have to show each week that I deserve my place. It’s what I do with Lyon that will see me called up or not.
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