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Govou: "We can keep getting better"

Published on the 27 October 2006 à 15:33 by BV

After their heart-stopping last-minute victory over PSG, Sidney Govou analyses the incredible force that pushes Les Lyonnais to the very limits of their capabilities... he also discusses his current form as well as that of Nancy, OL’s next opponents, this Sunday…

We could sense there was real joy following the victory over PSG, but it was only a round of 16 match in the Coupe de la Ligue…
We always want to win every match we play, so obviously to win in such circumstances made us happy. Winning matches like that shows what a united team we have, off and on the pitch. Trailing 1-0, we could have dropped our heads, but we never gave up.

Where does this motivation come from?
It’s natural. We are a team of winners. Everyone wants to win, every time we play. We never give up from the kick off to the final whistle.

What has changed within the team this season?
We’re still continuing. We are reinforced this season. We haven’t lost anything from last season but we’re a team of workers that has benefited from the arrival of new elements – that’s why we’re better than we were last season.

What could be better in this team?
We’re not perfect, far from it. We can improve right across the board. That will happen by working and talking. The secret is hard work. Everyone wants to work, and nobody drags the team down. Everyone wants to win and that is our strength.

You seem to have more and more enemies…
That’s not our goal. We’re just here to do our thing. What counts is being champion in the morning and for that, every match counts. We don’t take any team lightly and we always want to win, even at training.

On a personal level, you seem in especially good form...
Yes, I’m feeling good. I was injured, but now I’m doing much better. When I play, I try to give as much to the team as I can. I’m not asking myself too many questions at the moment, I’m just playing. Even if I haven’t scored yet, I feel in really good form. I’m 27. Robert Duverne thinks I’m in my prime. I hope it shows.

[IMG41482#R]You said recently: ‘Before, I loved playing, now I love football.’ Has Sidney Govou changed?
I changed my approach to football. I don’t know if it’s maturity or experience but I take things differently now. I’m more professional than I was. I research more and discuss more.

On Sunday you play Nancy, what do you think of this team?
Nobody expected them to be at this level but I remember them well from last season. They were already a very hard team to play against. This season they’re roving that it wasn’t an accident. There are never easy games against Nancy, at home or away. We’ll try and play well and win. They may be the surprise team of this season, but they deserve to be where they are, they’re a good team. They haven’t conceded many goals, but you have to remember that Marseille has the best defence in Ligue 1 until we beat them in their own backyard…
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