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Houllier in the press

Published on the 20 November 2006 à 10:22 by SC

Gérard HOULLIER was the star of Le Progrès newspaper on Monday morning. The daily, reserved a double page spread for the OL coach who talked about his job, his methods... here are some extracts...

"My credo is work, work, work... if you don't work you can't improve. You can't just schedue a win, you have to prepare one and the better you prepare, the more often you win.
"My players are students of football and should always be trying to improve."
"Sport requires effort and sacrifices, especially when you are the leader and everyone is trying to beat you, when everyone else is jelous."
"It's stupid to think you will ever be untouchable."

A new striker:
"Today, I do indeed need a new striker. Of course the injured players will return, but there's nothing to say they won't get re-injured again, like what happened last year with the defenders."

Nilmar?<br /> "No. He's not ready and I'm not sure he really wants to come back."

Jean-Michel Aulas:
"He's the best president I've ever had in French football, no question. He is interested, but he doesn't interfere with my job."

The future:
"I don't know and I don't care. I'm not someone to worry about tomorrow."
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