first team / 2009 Review

How could we forget Juninho!

Published on the 26 December 2009 à 10:22 by RB

A look back on one of the events which marked 2009...

He took part in all of OL’s victories after the Coupe de la Ligue won in 2001… Over the course of his eight seasons with the club he became the star of the squad with his free-kicks, his technique and his incredible vision out on the field …


Just like a symbol, he finished his career at OL scoring his 100th goal for the club at Gerland against Caen. The Maestro left with immense personal happiness and an unforgettable present given him by the supporters. « Juni » was so often decisive whether it be from his direct free-kicks or from the passes he distilled to his team-mates. A decisive Maestro. He was involved in 41% of OL’s goals when he was present on the field! Any speeches are irrelevant after such a report. He has often achieved the unbelievable, like with his long range free-kicks or his mazy runs within the opposition lines.




344 matches as a simple soldier and then as the confirmed boss. Declared a STAR by Gérard Houllier, one of his managers, the coach with whom the Brazilian felt the most in harmony. A STAR who was rarely absent from the big matches. A STAR that we came to see at Gerland. We were excited in advance, wondering what he would invent next. This fabulous player, the best in OL’s history has left the club. He then went to Qatar before returning home to Brazil, and maybe he will return to Lyon where no one will ever forget him. Impossible.