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IC 2009!

Published on the 30 December 2009 à 10:22 by SC

A look back on one of the events which marked 2009...

Two words which end the same way « IC » were of particular bother at this end to the year for Olympique Lyonnais. BETCLIC and DIC.

BETCLIC, the online betting company, are the new shirt sponsors of OL. The problem is that French law forbids the club to allow the name to appear on their jerseys. As a consequence the LFP has not ratified this 2009-2010 season jersey. UEFA also refused to allow OL the use of this sponsor for away matches, but did change their minds. OL can hope that their shirt with BETCLIC be officialised during 2010, as the laws on the opening of online gambling will come into force on the 1st of January 2010.

The DIC (Collective Image Rights), is a big affair. This fiscal allowance was voted in 2004 and put in to practice in February 2005. It allowed professional clubs to be exonerated for up to 30% of their social charges on the gross pay of professional football, rugby, basketball, handball and volleyball players … It was scheduled to disappear in 2012, but in November, the Parliament decided to put an end to the dispositive on the 31st of December 2009, a decision which caused outrage in the sporting world.

But after the intervention of the Prime Minister, François Fillon, this suppression was not cancelled, just rescheduled to July 2010. A postponement that gives a little respite to the Presidents of the different clubs who wondered who they would be able to close their budgets. For the moment the government does not want to change its mind about the change which will bring them an additional 30 million euros, a sum that will unfortunately disable a number of professional clubs. At a time when competitivness is being discussed, in order to compete with other European clubs, we wonder if everyone is pulling in the same direction.