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In the Press, « one winner: football »

Published on the 09 November 2009 à 10:50 by BV

The daily papers on Monday morning focused largely on the draw (5-5) between OL and OM last night at Gerland.

« CRAZY ! » exclaimed L’Equipe, « an exciting match as far as the spectacle played out and the proposed scenario ». The daily sports paper stating that OL and OM « merit to go down in the history books » for their draw and the 10 goals scored in it – « a first since 1984! » - which « was worth more than one point for both sides » . There were two key players, as two attempts to explain an unexplainable match: Lisandro (« at top speed ») and Abriel (« a passer touched by grace »).

« A very spectacular draw! » titled Le Progrès who added: « Certainly OL did not take full advantage of Bordeaux’s defeat away to Lille, but the combat was breathtaking (…) Lyon played out an incredible, legendary match, with one winner: football ». In their section Man of the match , the regional daily focused on Sidney Govou, author of OL’s second goal, « », and also spoke of the « strange evening for the keepers » : « the two ramparts of the French national team both conceded five goals (…) A unusual situation ».

« A crazy match » for Le Parisien who titled with: « Lyon and Marseille will not forget ».

« What a festival! » stated in their Headline the Dauphiné Libéré.

For Libération, the encounter was « a mad match, with a hockey score line ».
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