first team / OL - PSG 1-2

Jean-Michel Aulas "No changes tonight"

Published on the 28 October 2010 à 00:05

The OL president spoke at the press conference after their elimination at the hands of PSG.

"I said we would make an assessment of the organization. I usually do what I saying, that is why I am at this press conference. The board of directors met this afternoon. A certain number of decisions were made. The record in the league is disappointing. Despite these results, we decided to maintain the Lyon staff in place. The board asked me to be closer to the action. We think that things are still in good progression. The players put in a good performance, and they meet most expectations. There will be no change tonight, there will be more relationships within and then we will try to open the life of the team to the outside. Regarding the results, they are much improved and the players are more present. We will remind everyone of the objectives, we will keep a firm hold on the rudder. Bernard (Lacombe) will continue with me to make reflections that allow us to move forward, to discuss things better. It is a decision which counts for the season, but will be subject to future results. Everything remains possible in the league, and in the Champions League we know how well we have done".

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