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Jean-Michel Aulas: “The derby should be a party”

Published on the 28 February 2007 à 11:17 by SC

3 days out from the derby, be it in St Etienne or Lyon, supporters of both teams can talk of nothing else…

Jean-Michel Aulas, OL President, can’t wait for the derby, but the Champions League match against AS ROMA two and a half days later still holds more importance for him and many other observers.
Nonetheless, he finds great satisfaction in seeing 2 teams from the region at the highest level. “St Etienne will play to get back to the top, while Olympique Lyonnais leads the league, so it’s a great honour to play against a great ASSE team,” he said. He continued the interview by remarking that the region should be honoured to have 2 football clubs playing at the highest level: “St Etienne are in the top 5 of L1, and could just as easily be in the top 3. It doesn’t displease me at all that they are doing well. Especially if OL is doing a bit better, but that’s what ambition is all about.” The OL President went even further: “I believe that the more St Etienne sits high on the table in the coming years, the more Lyon will stay there and be completely motivated to continue their form. That makes for healthy competition.”

Jean-Michel Aulas ends the session with this message to the supporters: “I would like to say to our supporters and to those of St Etienne: You are lucky enough to have 2 good teams of very high quality. Encourage them and make the derby into a huge party, the envy of all Europe, and everyone will be happy.”
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