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Juninho: “We’ll be playing to win”

Published on the 20 October 2006 à 16:10 by BV

Two days before the trip to the Stade Vélodrome to take on Olympique de Marseille, Juninho talks about the clash between the league’s top two, a match the Brazilian is approaching quietly and calmly…

What do you think about this match between OL and OM?
It’s a very important match, like every league match, with the difference that this time it’s between two teams that are aiming to win the league. It’s a match between the top two, two sides that like to play football and score goals. I just hope we see a good match and the game won’t be too closed... and may the best team win. Today there are five points between the two sides but on Monday that could be just two or eight points. Either way, the championship won’t be over. There’s still a long way to go and anything can still happen. We know that the league is won in May when second place can no longer catch first.

What’s the difference between the two teams in your opinion?
Both teams are quite similar. The biggest difference is the five points. We’re only at Week 10 and the league still has a long way to go. Obviously we’ll be playing to win. Like every leading team tries to do every weekend. The fact that several teams in France play to win every week makes it an interesting league.

Do you feel like there’s a lot of tension surrounding the match?
I don’t feel it. It’s no different from any other match. To my eyes, the next match you play is always the most important. So the match against Marseille is one we’re approaching with a lot of respect, but above all, a great desire to get the result.

To play at the Vélodrome is always special. How would you describe the atmosphere?
There’s a great atmosphere because their fans really push. It’s been that way for a long time. The club has a great history. OM has the most season ticket holders, sell the most shirts every year. They continue to be popular even if they haven’t had excellent results in recent years. The players must be very proud to wear that shirt. But that doesn’t always mean you will win. No more than our five league crowns. It’s a new match. Football is great because you never know what is going to happen.

[IMG41455#R]What could cause you the biggest problem?
Everything. Marseille is a first-rate team. They beat us last season, so they could do it again. I think they’re even slightly favourites for this game. A draw is a good result for us, but we are used to playing to win so we’ll continue like that.

What do you envy about OM?
That’s not a question a ask myself. OM has a great history, OL is in the process of writing its own.
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