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Källström: "It was extraordinary!"

Published on the 23 October 2006 à 19:39 by BV

Author of a great week of football in which he made two starts and scored two goals, Kim Källström discusses the joys winning at the Stade Vélodrome, but warns against getting carried away…

After the superb win over Marseille, just what can stop Lyon now?
For the moment everything is going very well, but you mustn’t forget that in football, everything can change in the blink of an eye. We say that all the time, but it’s true. We always have to stay humble, respect our play and also our opponents. If we get big heads, things could fall apart very quickly. In my opinion, the strength of this team is its ability to focus 100% on the task at hand. We have to keep on doing what we’ve been doing up until now.

Do you take the time to enjoy such a big match?
Yes. It’s the big games that a player remembers when he stops his career. It was really extraordinary. We showed our true colours. After a match like that, in front of their fans, you just feel on top of the world. We prepared the match well. We left the talking to the journalists and concentrated on winning the three points.

You have just beaten Marseille 4-1, so who in France can beat you?
Anyone. That’s what is bizarre about football, but also what we love about it: anything can happen. Every match is different. When I played at Rennes, we came to the Stade Gerland and won 4-1. It was incredible night for us… A bit less for Lyon. It’s exactly what you hoping for when you play in a little team. We know that everything is possible.

You lead by eight points after ten games. Is the championship over?
No. There’s still a lot of football left. We can’t afford to relax and we have to stay in top form to keep winning. We start every game with the aim of winning. Whether we lead by eight, five or two points, we play to win.

After such a game, is it easy to refocus and prepare for Wednesday’s Coupe de la Ligue match against Paris-SG?
Yes. After each and every match we deal with this problem. We’re always prepared. After a game like Sunday’s, perhaps you want to enjoy the moment a little longer, but as from tomorrow morning, it will be only Paris that counts. You can’t stay enjoying a single match too long.

You’ve already played Paris, but this match will be very different because the Lyon squad has changed a lot since the Trophée des Champions…
The Trophée des Champions was a really tough game. Paris showed a lot of quality. Since then, they’ve had a few problems in their squad. Dhorasso has left. It’s always hard when a player leaves like that. But we know they’re a very good team with very good players. Up front, Pauleta is capable of scoring at any given moment.

You’re new to the squad. Are you surprised by the way nothing is ever taken for granted by the players?
Yes, a little, even if I had already noticed it as an opponent last season. I saw a really united outfit, where every one was close. I was really impressed when I first arrived here. It’s something the club must keep as long as possible. It’s so easy for the new players to fit in because there’s so much respect amongst the players.
On a personal note, you are in great form. Are you happy with your performances?
Of course. I’m happy. The coach shows his confidence in me by playing me a lot and that’s always nice. Every player wants to play and win, but we all respect the fact that there’s a large squad with a lot of games to play. There’s a lot of squad rotation, but no-one’s got a problem with it.

This season, you’re not taking free-kicks, even those traditionally there for a left-footer...
Whenever there’s a free-kick I always go and get the ball... to give to Juninho. He’s just incredible. He gives the whole team a lift, not only thanks to his free-kicks, but also from his corners which are very dangerous.
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