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Karim Benzema's 20th

Published on the 19 December 2007 à 10:40 by R.B

The OL striker turns 20 on December 19, 2007…

Karim Benzema - 20 years old today. What would you wish for him? Goals, of course… a monsoon of goals, but also to keep the elegance in his game, the team spirit, the pleasure he obviously takes, the will to work hard and to progress. In going to the stadium to watch an OL match, our expectations differ depending on whether he is playing or not. When he plays, you always know that something special can happen. He's different... that's the difference. And that's always been the way; even as a youngster, he lit up whatever match he played in. People arrived early at the stadium and left marvelling, certain he would become a great. That was 4 years ago… and they weren't wrong. The allure he has leads one to think unavoidably of "Zizou". A Zizou who scores a lot of goals, as one former France international recently said.

What would you wish for him? That he remain his affable self off the pitch, the simplicity that sees him taking the important first step towards others to say hello.

What do you wish for the lad who has so much already? Dreams to realize, ambition, to always bring pleasure to others. Good health, a 4th French title, a top scorer's gong, an excellent Champions League campaign… as well as the domestic cups… and a superb Euro 2008. That's a fair bit for the next 12 months!

Karim, change on the pitch to become stronger, perhaps even the strongest in your position. Otherwise, stay the same… you're a great guy.

One last little thing? Please score a goal or two for the fans against Nancy - that would be a great birthday present to share.