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Kim Källström : « We have to change things around quickly »

Published on the 18 December 2008 à 14:45 by BV

The first half of the season comes to a close on Saturday against Caen. While he admits that OL are " going through a bad patch", Kim Källström insists that they mustn't "dwell on it too much": "We have to clear our minds to be able to express ourselves on the field."

The draw for the Champions League will take place tomorrow. Which side would you like to avoid?
If we can avoid Barcelona and Manchester United, it wouldn’t be a bad thing. Barcelona are very strong at the moment and we already played Manchester last season, we’d like to play against a team we haven’t come up against yet. At this stage of the competition there are only big team’s.

Would you be happy with a draw against Panathinaïkos ?
Obviously we would have a chance of going through, but you have to remember that « Pana » finished top of their group in front of Inter, and managed to beat them in Milan. On top of that, it’s never easy playing in Greece.

OL are away to Caen on Saturday. How important is this game?
It’s very important as we’re going through a bad period at the moment. We have gone four games without a win, we have to turn things around quickly. We have one game to go this year and we want to finish up on a good note. With a three point lead at the top of the table going into the winter break and a qualification for the last 16 of the Champions League, our record for the first half of the season would be positive. There is a lot to play for in this match. We’d like to go home happy. In any case, the winter break will do everyone the world of good.

Olympique Lyonnais are not very flamboyant at the moment. How do you explain that?
It’s true we’re not playing very well at the moment. We’ve been strong defensively, have hit our opponents on the break but we haven’t been able to show what we can really do. I can’t really explain it. We’ve often been strong in the second half but our first half performances have been poor. Next year we’ll have to avoid being 2-0 down at half time; it gives us a chance to show our good team spirit but it’s always hard to catch up.

Why is the team having so much trouble scoring?
Benzema is a great trump card to have up front. When he doesn’t play, things are more difficult. We’re having a tough time at the moment and aren’t creating much, there is a lot of waste in our build-up play. We’ve also played a lot of games on a poor pitch at Gerland. But we shouldn’t dwell on it too much, we’re still top. If we start asking ourselves too many questions then things will start getting complicated. We have to clear our minds to be able to express ourselves on the field.

Against Caen, as Fabio Grosso is suspended, you could end up playing at left-back. What do you think about that?
Because of all the injuries we have at the moment, we don’t have many defenders available. That’s why players can find themselves in positions that they are not really used to. If I end up playing there, I’ll do my best even if it isn’t easy playing out on the wing for me. As ever, the coach will make his choices and I will adapt to them.

What is your opinion on your first half of the season?
It’s been good. During pre-season training, everyone said that I wouldn’t play too much, taht I would have to leave, but at the end of the day I’ve played quite a lot, and that for a team at the top of the table, but also playing in the elite European competition. The coach rotates the squad frequently, so I’ve had a lot of chances to play.