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Lisandro: "Get out of this situation"

Published on the 15 October 2010 à 11:45

Before the morning training session, Lisandro answered questions from the press. The Argentinean took stock of his form and repeated on a number of occasions that OL had to "get out of this situation".

How are you feeling?
I feel very good. I am in good physical shape. I have already recovered. Looks like I'm out of the impasse with injuries in which I was. I giving 100% in training.

How would you judge the start to the season of Olympique Lyonnais?
Difficult, very difficult. In the league we are in a position which nobody wanted. We have to work a lot with a view to find the position that suits us best, that is to say at the top of the table.

What is your relationship with Claude Puel like?
Very good, always full of professionalism and respect. Lately, I’ve been asked this question a lot and I always give the same answer. It is logical that there is tension around each meeting. We are the ones responsible for the situation that we are in. We must manage the tension as much as the pressure. When the team does not play very well or does not win, it's always the coach who is targeted. This is normal in relation to our situation. It is now up to us to get out of it.

Do you feel any particular pressure as we approach the date of the president’s analysis?
With regard to this date, I don’t have an opinion to give. This is not my role. Our role is to win on the field. It's a way that may allow the retention of the coach. Is there any extraordinary pressure from that? No, we already have enough when you look at the standings.

Do you get the feeling that the players are protected?
People, like the supporters or journalists have taken care of the players. They also insist much on the amount of the transfer fees. When the team is in trouble, it is logical to see a rise in attacks against the coach and players. In Argentina, it would be even worse. But know that no one, neither us, the players nor the coach nor the president like being in this situation. So, beyond criticism, our goal is to get out of it.

We talked a lot about your preparation. We heard that you did not prepare as you should have. What would you say to that?
As everyone knows, I had an Achilles tendon injury. I came back from vacation in shape. It is true that I was 2 pounds overweight, but not 4 or 5 as has been said. I would say that my form was better than last season. Then I was away because of an injury to the Achilles tendon and not a muscle problem.

Are you frustrated by your start to the season?
I felt a certain sadness because I wanted to be at 100%, especially physically. I was also sad to see that the team was not getting good results but I could not help it. So it was a frustrating situation.

Much is expected of your association with Yoann Gourcuff. How do you see it?
We are in the process of discovering, getting to know each other. We have not had the opportunity to share a lot of training sessions or matches. He is a player who has great qualities, so it is not difficult to get along with him on the field. Hopefully we will, from now on, be able to share more moments in training and match situations, so that we can get to know each other better.

How important was your goal against Nancy?
It's very positive. For an attacker it is very important to have success. But I am now focused on getting back my physical condition, rhythm. When this is the case, many other goals will follow.

A word about Lille ...
They are a tough team to beat, a great team, effective, who play well. For us, somehow, it's a good thing to meet them now in order to get out of the current situation we face. If we win, the reward will be all that more than beautiful.

Do you plan on assuming a little more the role of leader?
I do not have to take a specific role. I always try to work best, and communicate my energy to my teammates so that we strive together to win. But there are players in the team who have been there a long time, longer than me, who are accustomed to assuming the leadership role. What is important is that together we can encourage each other to overcome the situation we are in, that is the number one objective.

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