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Lyon training

Published on the 16 October 2006 à 21:00 by BV/GV

Brought forward by 20 minutes due to the cold, the Lyon players trained at Kiev’s Olympic Stadium in front of a small group of fans from the Bad Gones...

For this final training session before Tuesday night’s match, the players were concetrating on their battle with the cold. As the temperature hovered between 0 and 2°c, woolly hats, underclothes and gloves were the order of the day.

After two laps of the immense stadium, the group joined Robert Duverne for a ten-minute warm-up. Just as at Tola Vologe, the warm-up ritual is unchanging : warm-up the arms before the groin, accelerations, heel-to-buttocks and all the usuals… Then the players juggled with the bal land then moved into a passing game while the ‘keepers worked with Joël Bats.

Divided into two groups, the team then played a game on the half-field.
The attackers then finished with a volly session in front of goal as Rémi Garde fired in the crosses and Karim Benzema was particularly impressive.

After stretching, the players returned to the hotel for dinner... and warmth.

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