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Memories of 2006 with... Bernard Lacombe

Published on the 25 December 2006 à 09:00 by R.B

2006 was rich in emotions. The quarter final against AC Milan, the fifth league title and the World Cup. Players, staff and doctors give us their best memories for the year and their hopes for the year ahead. Bernard Lacombe...

“My first thought is the elimination at the San Siro. Everything came crashing down when Milan scored at the end of the match. We had played harder, and thought we could still qualify..
But then there are some great memories of great victories, such as the one that gave us our 5th consecutive French title. Moments shared by the whole group. 5 consecutive titles, that’s something great.
It is important that the people of Lyon, the supporters, realise what is going on at the moment. Sometimes we have the tendency to accept as normal whatever happens regularly, but I urge the OL supporters to make the most of this glorious time in our club’s history.
For 2007, I wish for joy among men and a special thought for the children.”