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Memories of 2006 with... Grégory Coupet

Published on the 26 December 2006 à 09:00 by SC

2006 was rich in emotions. The quarter final against AC Milan, the fifth league title and the World Cup. Players, staff and doctors give us their best memories for the year and their hopes for the year ahead. Grégory Coupet...

Grégory Coupet is the last bastion of the OL defence… and what a bastion he is! In 2006, he made save after decisive save to take his team to its 5th consecutive league title. But this year was white-anted by the position of French national keeper. Was he to be the number 1 keeper or number 2 behind Barthez? But his strength of character carried him through the rumours and opinion. And he was even tougher in OL’s goals.
Great man that he is, his favourite memory of 2006 is the World Cup Final: “The France-Italy final was a huge game and a big disappointment. But when we see what we brought to people, the supporters, it’s fabulous.”
Grégory Coupet is a big rugby fan and says he can predict the future: “The final of the 2007 Rugby World Cup will be contested by France and the All-Blacks.”
His wishes are simple: “I wish you a happy and healthy 2007.”