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More reactions live from Nyon

Published on the 15 December 2006 à 15:17 by SR

Various reactions to the draw for the Champions League, live from Nyon...

Marino Faccioli (OL’s Administrative Director)
We have never in our European career, met AS Roma. It’s a big first for us, and we are very proud to be taking on such a great club. It won’t be easy, as Roma has shown over the years as well as this season that it is a dangerous club. Rome is on the way to Athens, so it’s through Rome we must go to get to the final.
I had the president on the telephone to keep him up to date with the draw. He wanted to avoid Barça and Inter. He is very proud to be taking on AS Roma.

Antonio Tempestilli (Communications officer and former player, AS Roma; ITA)
We really wanted to avoid Lyon, but destiny decided otherwise. It’s a great team with many important players, for me, one of the best teams in Europe. We mustn’t forget they have won the last five French championships. They have great players like Malouda, Govou as well as Juninho. I can’t really express to you how string this team is.
For us, this tie appears quite difficult. The two games should be of high quality. I give the chances as 60% OL, 40% AS Roma. We would really have like to be drawn against another team. I spoke to the Roma president on the phone and he also thinks it will be a dicey affair for us. Nonetheless, we have every confidence in our team.

Massimo Franchi (Italian journalist, Tutto Sport)
Roma got one of the toughest draws. OL is a magnificent club! For me, they are as strong as Chelsea or Barcelona. The coach can call on a squad of 20 players, all of whom could be starters. I repeat, this will be very tough for Roma.
Tomorrow, I think I will go with the headline: AS Roma: the Lyon Nightmare. Inter (against Valencia) and AC Milan (against Celtic) did better out of this draw than we did. Roma really got the worst possible result. I give them a 10% chance of getting past OL.

Jérome Lestir (General Manager, Lille)
It will be really tough for us against Manchester but our goal is still to progress. It makes us proud as Frenchmen to see two French clubs at this level. When we look at the popularity OL enjoys, we really want to go with them. We would really like to help OL in its European clashes. We are watching their campaign closely and will be their biggest supporters in the match against Roma. I think it’s been a good draw for OL, who have unfinished business in the Champions league. We hope they will go far… very far.