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Numbers… Numbers… Numbers…

Published on the 16 May 2006 à 09:00 by R.B

Here are a few statistics relating to Lyon’s season from all 54 official matches. There’s something for everyone…

Number of players used
In the Championnat = 24; in the Trophée des Champions = 14; in the Champions League = 24; in the Coupe de la Ligue = 14; in the Coupe de France = 21. In all, 26 different players played this season. Diatta, Monsoreau, Pedretti, Diarra, Clément, Govou, Malouda and Carew played in all 5 competitions. The young Beynié played the least, just five minutes. Coupet played the most, 4,568 minutes out of a possible 4,920. Cris 4,411…

Red and Yellow Cards
In the league, 20 players received 65 yellow cards… Diarra and Tiago 8; Malouda 6; Juninho and Fred 5; Carew and Cris 4; Réveillère, Pedretti, Berthod, Govou and Clément 3; Cacapa and Monsoreau 2; Frau, Coupet, Diatta, Abidal, Clerc and Benzema 1. Only Wiltord, with a considerable playing time did not receive a card along with Vercoutre, Ben Arfa and Müller. In the other competitions OL received 25 yellows: Juninho 4; Tiago, Diarra and Malouda 3; Pedretti 2; Carew, Réveillère, Cacapa, Berthod, Govou, Fred, Coupet, Cris, Abidal and Wiltord 1. As for the reds… 1 in the league for Diatta (v Nantes) and one in the Champions League for Govou (v Eindhoven).

OL’s goals: 51 scored in the first half; 52 in the second and 2 in extra-time. Goals conceded: 22 in the first half, 20 in the second half and 1 in extra-time.

OL: the scores
Les Lyonnais led 31 times in 54 games for 30 wins and 1 draw (Auxerre). Les Lyonnais trailed 20 times for 6 wins, 7 draws and 7 defeats. Plus 3 0-0 draws.

Lyon hit the post 17 times.

[IMG40100#R]How many referees took charge of Lyon this season? 20 in France and 10 in Europe. Monsieur Bré reffed OL 5 times; Messieurs Piccirillo, Layec, Ledentu and Garibian 4; Monsieur Sars 3; Messieurs Duhamel, Mallige, Coué, Thual, Colombo and Lannoy 2; Messieurs Viléo, Kalt, Derrien, Hamer, Enjimi, Auriac 1.

54 official matches in 2005-2006 compared to 53 in 2003-2004 and 2004-2005; 50 in 2002-2003; 48 in 2001-2002. The club record stands at 57 in the 2000-01 season.

36,314 kms where travelled on official away matches.

The shortest match? Metz – OL (92 minutes); the longest? PSG – OL (99 minutes).

OL away twice drew season high crowds for Sochaux 18,770 and Saint-Etienne 35,352.

The home record?Against Le Mans with 40,426 spectators.

Kick-of for Lyon: 26 times
Direction: From right to left of the bench 26 times; left to right 28 times.
Goals scored at the Stade Gerland : in front of the south stand 24 goals; 28 in front of the north stand.
Goals conceded at the Stade Gerland: 13 in front of the south stand and 9 in front of the north.

Lyon’s shot takers (in all competitions)
Juninho: 22 shots from inside the area; 113 from outside the area = 135 shots including 85 free-kicks; 65 on target and 70 off target… 14 goals
Fred : 61 shots from inside the area; 34 from outside the area = 95 shots; 51 on target and 44 off target; 17 goals – club top scorer.
Carew : 71 shots from inside the area; 20 from outside the area = 91 shots; 54 on target and 37 off target; 15 goals
Wiltord : 53 shots from inside the area; 12 from outside the area = 65 shots; 38 on target and 27 off target; 14 goals
Malouda : 37 shots from inside the area; 26 from outside the area = 63 shots; 36 on target and 27 off target; 6 goals
Tiago : 20 shots from inside the area; 46 from outside the area = 66 shots; 38 on target and 28 off target; 7 goals
Govou : 60 shots from inside the area; 27 from outside the area = 87 shots; 45 on target and 42 off target; 8 goals

[IMG40028#L]Coupet made 348 saves in 51 matches. Of those 348 saves, 44 could be considered decisive at an average of just under 7 saves per games. The average of previous seasons was 6.
Vercoutre made 34 saves including 3 decisive saves in a little over 3 games.

Against Metz at the Stade Gerland Lyon enjoyed the most possession of the season when they held the ball for 37 minutes and 28 seconds as opposed to 18 minutes and 26 seconds for the visitors. In other 67% in favour of the quintuple French champions.

105 goals were scored, including 22 headers; 67 right-footed and 16 left-footed. 3 penalties scored from a possible four; 8 free-kicks (Juninho); 20 goals from outside the box and 85 from inside.

[IMG40559#R]Juninho scored his 65th goal in an OL shirt and joins Cavéglia and Kabongo in the OL all-time goalscorers’ charts in ninth place. In the process he scored his 27 Lyon free-kick and 50th league goal.

Finally, with 73 goals in the league, OL 2005-2006 became the best attacking side in the history of the club, overtaking the 1980-81 side (70 goals).
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