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OL press conference

Published on the 01 November 2010 à 17:58

Claude Puel and Michel Bastos answered questions from the press on the eve of the match against Benfica.

Michel Bastos

What was your impression on arriving in Lisbon?
Arriving here you can see the stadium, it’s incredible, it's magnificent. We know there will be a great atmosphere tomorrow. This is the highest level. I am happy not to be injured and able to play tomorrow night. We know it's going to be very hard, we have seen that at Gerland. We are going there with the intention of winning and earning our qualification.

Won’t you be feeling a certain amount of fatigue from the accumulation of matches?
We have played a lot of matches. The coach is trying to give game time to all players but the injuries do not leave us too many choices. It's like that's the top level. We must get used to it. We are in Lyon and we know that we will have many games to play in a season.

Do you know the Brazilians at Benfica?
I do not have much contact with David Luis but Luisao and I often exchange text messages. We were at the World Cup together. We love mocking each other. I know I'll have a dozen text messages by tomorrow...

Will the absence of Lisandro give you more responsibility?
Losing a player like Lisandro it is not easy to deal with. He has done us well since he returned from injury. I have no particular pressure. If I must take responsibilities there is no problem. I'm here for that.

Claude Puel

Will there be particular pressure?
Not especially. The European Cup always has a particular odor. Players love to play in this competition, they love the pre-match music of the Champions League. You forget a little bit about fatigue. It's easier for players to concentrate in these games. Benfica will be in front of their fans and are therefore favourites.

How do you deal with the accumulation of matches?
There is a series of games. We have a number of little injuries but the youngsters are responding present. They are picking up playing time and they deserve it. Benfica have a less hectic schedule than we do. They played on Friday and had an extra day to recuperate. Still I think we will be present physically.

Do you expect a different Benfica compared to the match at Gerland?
We put in a good performance. Benfica had a player sent off in the first half. It's never easy to play a Champions League match with numerical inferiority. Nevertheless Benfica have some very good technical players. We are expecting a very big game tomorrow night. We know it will be very tough.

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