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Opposition before Saint-Brieuc

Published on the 29 December 2010 à 18:32 by OT

On the eve of their friendly match against Saint-Brieuc, OL's women underwent three training sessions including a 10 against 10 match.

The training camp in Saint-Malo is coming to an end after three days of intensive work. Tomorrow, the OL female squad will conclude their visit to Brittany with a friendly match against Saint-Brieuc, as part of a day devoted to women's football. In this context, Patrice Lair put in place an opposition of 10 against 10 on a reduced pitch this afternoon with a team of probable starting players who won 2-0, with goals from Louisa Nécib and Eugénie Le Sommer. Between the two periods of 20 minutes, the OL coach made only one change: Lara Dickenmann gave way to the young Amel Majri. At almost 18 years, this wing player who came through the club system is the pleasant surprise of this trip. With beautiful technique, strong, tough, and discreet in the group, Majri should make the headlines in the future.

Lotta Schelin, still hampered by migraines, only took part in the morning jog, before declaring forfeit for the remainder of the day. The Swede will not participate in tomorrow's meeting, just like the injured Sarah Bouhaddi and Elodie Thomis. At the Stade Marville in Saint-Malo, the Bretons Camille Abily and Eugenie Le Sommer will be as keen to shine, as Patrice Lair is to give a good image of OL and women's football, where his coaching career began. 2010 may well end in beauty for Lyon before the season restarts on January 9th against Hénin-Beaumont.