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Press Conference: Claude Puel

Published on the 11 December 2009 à 14:00 by R.B

The OL coach confirmed the absence of Govou, the importance of the match against Bordeaux, even if he believes it will not be decisive in view of the title...

After a look at the injury situation which confirmed the absence of Govou, with a groin problem, as well as Bodmer, Toulalan who should start training with the ball next week and Clerc (knee), now its time for other questions.

What do you think about this Bordeaux side?
« They are in the continuity of last season and their team is in place. They are on a good run after having gone through a difficult period. Right now they are gaining good results, even if they can be knocked around (PSG). They have certain points in which they are better than others ».

Is this a match that you have to go into with pride?
« If we need that to lift the level of our play, then yes. But you don’t prepare for matches like this focusing uniquely on this aspect. I look for quality and a solid base. What is important for us is to get back to basics, just like we did against Debrecen. We have to show it again, but by playing better as well. The problems encountered on the pitch? I don’t want to take stock just yet. You do that at the end of the season. These problems can be tactical, physical or mental. On Sunday, we have a chance to move up to the same level as Bordeaux at the moment. That I find interesting ».


Could this match be decisive in view of the title?
« The league campaign is long. Each team has moments which are more difficult to deal with. This match will not be decisive. What is important to me is the content of our performance. It’s going to be a tough match. Bordeaux are capable of playing a very physical match. Afterwards we’ll see how the score evolves to know if it is an open or tight encounter. I hope that we won’t make it too open (smiles). We’ve done that far too often recently. The key? We neeed to control the flanks, watch out for free-kicks … »

Are Bordeaux favourites?
« I think so in view of the recent performances of both team’s ».

How have you reacted to the diverse comments that have been made because of recent results?
« They don’t change my relationship with the squad. You need to be serene, lucid and put things into perspective. It is well known that there is a special media environment around OL. This presence can be positive or negative. What I like is having objectives as far as our play is concerned. We aren’t here to react, we are here to win and progress. The President is behind his players and staff. He defends his club and I think he does so very well. I am not waiting to have his support. How do I react to these tribulations? They make me stronger. They are a good challenge to accept ».


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