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Press review

Published on the 01 December 2009 à 10:50 by SC

The names in today's Press are Lionel Messi the new Golden Ball winner, JeanMichel Aulas and Grégory Coupet.

The PSG goalkeeper, victim of a serios injury on Saturday against Auxerre, was back at the Camp des Loges explains l’Equipe, with crutches, which was a surprise for his team-mates. Guillaume Dufy writes that Coupet is « a funny guy. » Le Parisien indicates that he has fantastic morale and gave everyone a rendez-vous in six weeks, the day when he will able to put his foot on the floor again. Afterwards, he says, we’ll see.

Jean-Michel Aulas puts worries to the side in the l'Equipe: « we are going to have a great season, I’m confident, I have nothing to reproach of my players. The month of November was difficult, but not catastrophic. » The sports daily has its doubts about the 2009/10 version of OL: « this Lyon side seems smal, and lacking in talent. »

« Black November at OL » is the title of Aujourd’hui en France where Yves Leroy tries to understand why the club is treading water. « A “self important” side, Lloris and Lisandro are only hiding the misery and the number of points lost stupidly. »

Finally le Progrès gave four columns to theOlympique Lyonnais president who once again stated: « I’m not worried » and added « I think that we will win all our matches from now until the 23rd of December, I’m not saying that we will, but it is my conviction. » Jean-François Gomez questioned Jean-Michel Aulas about the transfer market as rumours have linked Lyon to Djila Diarra or Vieira : « these to players are beyond our means without the Collective Image License». The local paper also looks at the squad and for them the principal problems are: « injuries and the team’s style of play …»

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